Why is VoIP better for your business?

To understand how VoIP can benefit your business, you must first know what VoIP is. VoIP stands for 'Voice over Internet Protocol' 

All that means is you talk over your internet connection instead of over the traditional copper phone line.


VoIP lowers costs!

The biggest advantage of VoIP is that your business will save a bundle on costs! VoIP takes efficiency to a whole new level. Since you will be talking over the internet you will cut out the expense of phone lines altogether and instead consolidate both your internet and voice communication costs.

And if your business makes regular calls to cellular phones then VoIP is even more of a no brainer as these call costs can be significantly reduced down to as little as only 7c/min + gst

In addition to reduced costs, VoIP also offers a wide array of innovative features that surpass those of traditional phone lines. 

VoIP is simply more flexible, more portable and multi-functional.


At Commserve we can provide you with the best solution to suit your specific needs, whether that be a sophisticated Panasonic IP PBX system or a simple hosted cloud solution suitable for smaller SOHO businesses.

We can provide you with a no obligation comparison of your expected monthly savings when switching from your current telco provider to a 2talk VoIP plan.


As an authorised 2talk dealer our expertise enables us to manage and coordinate the entire process of changing to VoIP for you.

Here's what one of our many valued clients had to say: 

'I was apprehensive to begin with about the idea of switching from the old but reliable analogue phone system to VoIP. This proved to be unfounded. Alan (Commserve) took the hassle out of the entire process. We now have a modern phone system with more lines than we had before, features that weren't available with analogue, and all at a much lower monthly cost. The phone system and service Alan provided exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend Commserve'

Stephen Hartfield
Academic Dean
Pathways College
(July 2015)