Structured Voice & Data Cabling

Todays telephone and computer systems have become integrated to such an extent that it is crucial for your business to choose a telecommunication specialist to implement your communication cabling system, one that has a broad working knowledge and understanding of the full spectrum of telecommunication services and applications in use in todays business environment.

Cabling is a long-term investment. As companies grow and technologies change there is a demand for flexible communication strategies. When you consider that the communications cabling you are about to install will be expected to provide the vital link for your entire IT  and Voice network both now and in the future, why compromise the performance with a sub-standard installation?

So dont leave it to chance. Whether you want to implement a copper Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a system, or you have a specific need for Fibre Optic cabling, employ a specialist installer with a proven track record.

Why choose Commserve to Install your cabling system?

We've been installing structured cabling systems since their introduction in the late 1980's when the transition from screened and coaxial data cables to the Category 3 UTP structured systems began.

Because we've been involved in this technology since its introduction we have a wealth of experience in the design, application and installation of structured cabling systems in commercial buildings. Over this time we have continually developed our industry skills and installation techniques to stay ahead of the fast developing equipment and IT systems available, and have gained manufacturer certified accreditation with the worlds leading cabling systems enabling us to provide the end user with the reassurance of 20-30 year cabling system performance and hardware warranties. We will provide the most cost effective and future proofed system to match your current and anticipated business needs.

Commserve is an approved Ministry of Education ICT cabling installation company which authorizes us to undertake structured cabling installation on the campus of New Zealand state schools.


Commserve are Certified Installers of the following leading cabling systems: